$340,000 Cadillac Celestiq production begins

Cadillac’s premium sedan, the Celestiq, enters production for the 2024 model year, combining luxury and electrified features. This sumptuous EV has been turning heads since it debuted, thanks to its attractive form, high-end equipment, and remarkable all-electric drivetrain. The Celestiq, which was hand-built at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, is ready to reinvent the luxury EV category.

With a starting price of around $340,000, the Celestiq is not for the faint of heart, and its exclusivity is reinforced by the fact that it is only available via waitlist. While exact production numbers are unknown, insiders believe Cadillac expects to produce between 100 and 150 cars per year.

The Celestiq, often known as the “Halo of Cadillac,” boasts cutting-edge technology and features. Skeptics may question if the price tag is justified, given the lackluster 600 horsepower and 868 Nm torque production, which is deemed moderate for its sector. A sprint from 0 to 60 mph in an estimated 3.8 seconds isn’t exactly slow, but it may not satisfy all speed aficionados.


Beyond its powertrain, what truly distinguishes the Celestiq is its unprecedented range of personalization. Customers can personalize this vehicle by selecting from a wide range of materials, finishes, colors, and other features. The interior is a technological marvel, ornamented with numerous digital screens.The Celestiq is built on GM’s BEV3 platform and powered by a 111 kWh GM Ultium battery pack and two GM Ultium Drive motors. While these components deliver decent performance, critics dispute whether they meet the standards set by other luxury EVs.

Cadillac claims 300 miles of range on a single charge, and with a 200 kW DC fast charging technology, the Celestiq can add 78 miles in just 10 minutes.

Despite its high price, the Celestiq reportedly sold out for the first 18 months of manufacturing within a month after its debut in December 2022. Cadillac has a unique opportunity to stand out in the ultra-luxury EV market, competing only with the Rolls-Royce Spectre EV.



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