A sneak peek at Dodge’s electric 2025 Charger

A sneak peek at Dodge's electric 2025 Charger

Unexpectedly, Dodge has introduced the 2025 Charger, the next generation of their popular car. Some muscle car fans might be dubious about the electrifying new direction the American muscle car is taking.

An homage to the original 1969 Charger Daytona, this contemporary muscle car features an illuminated Fratzog logo set between the headlights and the “R-Wing” front opening, creating an air of nostalgia. The driver’s side rear fender has a noticeable feature that could be a gas tank filler neck or a charge port, and the tires have staggered widths, which adds to the mystery.

A decklid spoiler, which was absent from earlier renderings, sits atop what seem to be square taillights, elevating the car’s back end to a more refined level. Even though they aren’t visible in the photos, these taillights suggest an unconventional design decision. It would appear that Dodge is hell-bent on fusing its muscle car heritage with contemporary design.

Dodge’s electric 2025 Charger specs

There will be a variety of powertrain options available for the Charger EV. In their most basic form, the back wheels will get 402 horsepower (300 kW/408 PS) from a single electric motor. All four wheels will get a substantial 670 horsepower (500 kW/680 PS) from an upcoming twin-motor version. With an astounding 885 horsepower (660 kW/897 PS), the top-of-the-line model is anticipated to set new standards. Still, we’re waiting with bated breath for confirmation of this powerhouse’s details.

A sneak peek at Dodge's electric 2025 Charger

Even though the Charger will have a new appearance thanks to its redesign, everyone is wondering about the available powertrains. Will any Charger models come with the Hurricane inline-six engine, or will it only be offered as an electric vehicle? Nobody knows what Dodge has in mind with a hybrid setup. Many are curious as to whether this symbol of American strength will stick with internal combustion engines or completely switch to electric powertrains.

An audacious move by the American carmaker is the 2025 Dodge Charger’s conversion to an electric muscle vehicle. The photos make it look like the transformation is nearly finished. Dodge is deftly balancing innovation with muscle car heritage with a lineup that includes electric and possibly hybrid configurations, as well as design cues reminiscent of the Daytona SRT concept.

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