Abarth 600e is Another Fiat 600e For some, calling the new Abarth 600e a “pumped-up” Fiat 600e is like putting pineapple on pizza; for others, it’s just fine. After everything is said and done, this is just a Jeep Avenger. This may make some Abarth fans and the engineers who worked on it for hours mad. I’m sorry, Fiat 600e. Or does it?

Barth has been working hard to become a separate company that focuses on high-performance cars. Abarth used to be known for a different kind of performance: quick, light Fiats with exhausts that were so loud they could make any V8 blush. As long as you didn’t pay attention to the gearbox, the Abarth was the essence of handling. It was like music on wheels. Abarth was what the word “car soul” meant.

Abarth 600e is Another Fiat 600e
With the rise of electric cars and the popularity of the Fiat 500e, which looks like a throwback, Abarth chose to jump into the EV pool. The Abarth 500e was the company’s first car. It had bright colors, a fun and performance-filled interior, fake engine sounds, and an electric motor with about 156 hp. The 600e is here to save Abarth’s image, which is good.

Limited to 600 cars, the 600e Scorpionissima has a hypnotic purple body and an acid-green scorpion sitting proudly on its wings. There will only be 1,949 units made, and each one will come with proof of authenticity, just in case someone tries to sell a fake Abarth 600e one day.

But what’s really going on under this crazy purple body is very important. First, there’s the 240-hp engine paired with a mechanical LSD. There aren’t any fancy e-diffs or ABS that act like a diff. A real mechanical limited-slip differential will make the EV feel like an old-school hot hatch.

More power means more duty. In this case, that means a more advanced braking system with bigger brake discs that better dissipate heat. The tires are really cool. Based on what was learned in Formula E, they were made to have the most grip without sacrificing range or sound quality. They say they will have better range, less road noise, and more grip when turning corners.

Because Stellantis Motorsport and Abarth worked together, the modified Perfo-e-CMP base is used to build the Abarth 600e. We can see the dropped stance very clearly in the only official picture, which shows 20-inch wheels that are so full that they barely leave any room for the fenders. The aggressive stance, new, very low front bumper, and pretty big rear spoiler finish off the wild appearance. Abarth is serious this time.
Abarth 600e is Another Fiat 600e
We haven’t seen the inside yet, but the company says the high-comfort seats with race ergonomics will make even the longest trips comfortable. It looks like these seats are made from four different types of foam that work together to give the best support to different parts of the body while putting the most emphasis on sturdiness and side support. It’s good to see that much work is going into the chairs.

The Abarth 600e not only saves the company’s image for making crazy cars, but it’s also the first of a few more sporty EVs that are on the way. Since Abarth is part of Stellantis, it shares its base with cars like the Peugeot e-208, Citroen e-C4, Jeep Avenger, and Opel Mokka Electric, to name a few. You can bet your lunch money that the new generation of GTi, GSi, and maybe even the SRT will have the 240-hp engine, better brakes, suspension, and mechanical diff. So, the new Abarth is a pretty important car for Stellantis, and a lot depends on how well it drives in real life. Let us hope that the Scorpionissima does its job.


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