BYD will reveal Sea Lion 07, new platform For Super & concept car on Nov 17This next Friday, BYD will introduce the Sea Lion 07 SUV, in addition to a new supercar platform and concept car under the Yangwang premium brand. These three vehicles will be the highlight of the 2018 auto show in Guangzhou.

The team led by worldwide Design Director Wolfgang Josef Egger was responsible for developing the BYD e-Platform 3.0, which the Sea Lion 07 is built on. The Sea Lion 07 is part of BYD’s Ocean Series. The Sea Lion 07 will go head-to-head with Tesla’s Model Y, which is their most popular vehicle.

The BYD Oceanic Aesthetic design language will be used for the Sea Lion 07, and the vehicle will be modeled around BYD’s Ocean X concept. The e-Platform 3.0 promises a range of up to 1,000 kilometers, includes blade batteries that are integrated into the body of the vehicle for increased stiffness, and features an electric engine that is all-wheel-drive. There is a good chance that this pertains to an EREV variant, but we would be delighted to learn otherwise and obtain that from a BEV vehicle.

Moving on to BYD’s most luxurious brand, the Yangwang line It will introduce two innovations: a new “supercar” platform that will “challenge the upper limit of performance and safety,” as well as a concept vehicle.

The announcements are scheduled to take place on November 17, which is the day before the Guangzhou car show begins.



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