BYD Yangwang U7/U8 Master Edition details

BYD, a Chinese automaker, recently revealed the fundamental features of its highly awaited Yangwang U7 vehicle. Due to China’s regulatory framework, all manufacturers are required to apply for a sales license for each car, and the application procedure is public. That’s how we get an early look at the details of forthcoming EVs like Yangwang’s first sedan, the U7, and the Master Edition of the U8 SUV.

The Yangwang U7 has recently been included to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) catalog of models available for public comment. From January 16 to January 22, the public can submit comments, which is an important step in the regulatory procedure for selling vehicles in China.

Yangwang U7BYD Yangwang U7/U8 Master Edition details
We knew the Yangwang U7 would have more than 1,000 horsepower, but BYD pulled a fast one on us. The U7 is powered by four electric motors, each with an astounding peak power output of 240 kW. That equates to 960 kW, or slightly more than 1,287 horsepower in old terms. The price is slightly higher than the Zeekr 001 FR, the Lucid Air Sapphire, and significantly higher than the Tesla Model S Plaid.

The Yangwang U7, with dimensions of 5,265 mm length, 1,998 mm width, and 1,517 mm height, makes a strong statement on the road. It weighs 3,095 kg and has a spacious wheelbase of 3,160 mm, providing plenty of room for people and baggage. Maximum speed: 270 km/h.

Yangwang U7 details

The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, developed by BYD’s battery branch, FinDreams, powers this electric vehicle. This battery is projected to be BYD’s hallmark blade battery, ensuring increased safety and lifespan. Unfortunately, the MIIT application did not disclose any additional information on the battery capacity.

The options include a panoramic sunroof, a motorized spoiler, a roof-mounted LiDAR sensor, and digital rearview mirrors. While the regulatory filing reveals critical facts about the Yangwang U7’s characteristics, it leaves enthusiasts and potential consumers wanting more, with one important piece of the puzzle still missing – the pricing.

Yangwang U8 Master Edition

BYD Yangwang U7/U8 Master Edition details

With the U7 out of the way, let’s have a look at the Yangwang U8 Master Edition. The Yangwang brand’s first production vehicle, the U8, an off-road SUV, was unveiled in 2023. Another version of the Yangwang U8 has appeared in MIIT’s file catalog.

The Yangwang U8, initially available in two versions – the Premium Edition and the Off-road Master Edition – has piqued the interest of off-road aficionados. Although the Premium Edition became available in September of last year, the Off-road Master Edition was previously unavailable for purchase.

Yangwang U8 Master Edition MIIT filing

BYD Yangwang U7/U8 Master Edition details

Though details in the most recent Yangwang U8 filing are scant, the model appears to provide interesting choices for adventurers, such as roof drone pods, tow hooks, an electric winch, and side tool platforms. This is certainly the much-anticipated Master Edition.


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