Details of the Tesla Model 3+ were made public in China.

On September 12, China’s regulatory body under the MIIT revealed the updated Tesla Model 3+’s technical specifications. While we can imagine that automakers aren’t thrilled with this development, we have to admit that we’re intrigued. This is a summary of our current knowledge about the country of dragons and emperors.

Tesla Model 3+ Power

Tesla is raising the bar by providing electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts with not one, but two distinct trim levels to choose from. Like its European counterpart, the base model of the Tesla Model 3 sold in China is a rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle with a single motor capable of producing 194 kW of torque. However, if that isn’t enough power for you, Tesla’s dual motor all-wheel drive (AWD) is ready to impress. The front wheels of this engineering marvel are powered by an additional motor with 137 kW of output, increasing the total power to 331 kW. The Model 3 LR aimed at the European market has a lower output, which is somewhat unexpected.

Local authorities in China must approve vehicles before they can be driven on the roads there. The MIIT acts as the industry’s gatekeeper by providing a monthly preview of developments in the automotive sector. Automakers, predictably, are not fans. The rest of us though… An early Christmas present, if you will. This small act of openness suggests that the new Model 3 could hit Chinese roads as early as October.

The LFP battery for the single-motor RWD version is supplied by CATL. This vehicle has a curb weight of 1,760 kilogrammes and wears a simple “Model 3” logo on its tailboard.

But the all-wheel, dual-motor version improves upon the standard model in a few key respects. This model weighs in at 1,823 kg and features an LG Energy Solution NMC battery. It’s badged with a “Model 3+” logo, but before we run off and call it that, let’s wait and see what the real name is. Due to China’s peculiar manufacturing practices, badge names are occasionally changed after MIIT findings are made public.

Tesla Model 3+ Design

Intriguing new dimensions have been added to Tesla Model 3+. The vehicle is slightly larger than its forerunner, measuring in at 4,720 millimetres in length, 1,848 millimetres in width, and 1,442 millimetres in height, with a wheelbase of 2,875 millimetres. The dimensions of the 3+ are as follows: it is 26 millimetres longer, 2 millimetres thinner, and 1 millimetre shorter. However, if we are discussing wheelbase? The status quo has not changed. When it comes to the parts of the car that actually make contact with the road, you can choose between 235/40/R19 and 235/45 R18 tyres, with a premium Hankook tyre available to those with especially refined tastes.

Tesla Model 3+ Price

We also know the price range thanks to a prior disclosure from Tesla China. The rear-wheel-drive Model 3 costs RMB 259,900 ($35,650), while the all-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3+ is priced at RMB 295,900 ($40,600). There is currently no word on when the improved Model 3 will be available in the United States, and European prices are noticeably higher.


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