EPA Documents Outline Cybertruck Battery, Heat pump, and Charging Indicator.

EPA Documents Outline Cybertruck Battery, Heat pump, and Charging Indicator.

The official specifications of the Tesla Cybertruck were just released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), shining light on some intriguing elements of the most talked about EV at the time. While none of these discoveries are ground-breaking, they do provide significant information for EV enthusiasts.

The Certification Summary Information Report, which was submitted just ten days before Tesla’s raucous delivery event on November 21, 2023, revealed some important data about the Cybertruck’s power source. According to the documentation, the total battery pack voltage is 816 volts, the battery energy capacity is 150 Ah, and the battery-specific energy is 170 Wh/kg. This equates to a significant 122.4 kWh of energy capacity, which roughly matches the unofficial estimate of 123 kWh stated by several sources. Of course, Tesla is tight-lipped on the battery capacity of its EVs, so we must rely on official sources for information.

Another discovery revealed by the EPA records is the presence of a heat pump in the Cybertruck. While this may come as no surprise to Tesla fans, the heat pump is an important component for increasing range and efficiency in electric vehicles. Tesla’s clever heat pump architecture recycles heat generated by the battery and drive units to warm the cabin, preserve energy, and improve driving range – especially useful during the chilly winter months when energy usage is greater.

The heat pump system, according to the documents, has a variable-speed electric fan placed at the front of the chassis tub, which directs warm air to defrost, face level, and floor level vents in the passenger cabin. This breakthrough greatly reduces energy usage for heating and cooling, enhancing overall efficiency and, as a result, range.

EPA Documents Outline Cybertruck Battery, Heat pump, and Charging Indicator.

One peculiar feature of the Cybertruck’s design shown in the docs is its charging port. The charging port, located on the rear left fender, has an eye-catching and utilitarian touch – a colorful indication in the style of the Cybertruck for its state of charge (SoC).

A solid white light shows that the charging cable can be withdrawn or inserted safely. An orange light, on the other hand, indicates that the cable isn’t firmly locked, whilst a flashing blue light indicates that the charging process is proceeding as planned. This user-friendly feature enhances the charging experience of the Cybertruck, making it both practical and visually appealing.

The EPA records clarify the Cybertruck’s weight for those who are curious. The Cybertruck in Cyberbeast trim weighs an intimidating 3,129 kg, while the all-wheel-drive variant weighs 3,025 kg. Both models have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 4,159 kg, showing their sturdy construction and capacity. Unfortunately, specifics about the rear-wheel-drive Cybertruck, which is set to be released in 2025, are scarce because the EPA has yet to make those files public.


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