Fisker previews Ocean Extreme Monterey

Fisker has officially launched its latest product, the Fisker Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition. Named after the gorgeous coastal region of Northern California, it will be available for customer orders in the latter part of 2024.

The Ocean Extreme Monterey Edition will be the top rung of the c series, ranking above the Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trim levels. According to Henrik Fisker, CEO of the firm, it comes with the so-called Sun Soaked metallic gloss paint option, which “exudes a warm, coppery, mineral tone that is sure to stand out on the road”.

Fisker previews Ocean Extreme Monterey

This will be enhanced by color-accented features on the wheels and within the cabin. Fisker has also committed to using recycled materials to create the interior.

The SolarSky roof adds roughly 2,414 kilometers of range per year, or little over 4 miles per day. In reality, the contribution is likely to be significantly lower.

The dashboard features brown wooden panels reminiscent of the Fisker Alaska pickup vehicle. The chairs now have a new color scheme in creamy and brown tones, as well as new perforated texture sitting materials for increased comfort. Elegant embroidering of the letter “M” on the headrests and a distinctive “MONTEREY” insignia on the back complete the look.

Fisker previews Ocean Extreme Monterey
While Fisker provided a preview of what’s to come, we have yet to discover the pricing and production numbers. The corporation promises to fill us in over the next few months.



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