Lancia Introduces Ypsilon Cassina 2024 Limited Edition

It didn’t make sense for Lancia to try to hide the new Ypsilon when most of its information had already been leaked online. The company showed off the limited version of its first electric vehicle today, but the official launch is still set for Valentine’s Day.

As a tribute to the year Lancia was formed, the 2024 Lancia Ypsilon Cassina will only be made in 1,906 units. The company posted the news and some new pictures on its X account. We’ve already seen the outside of the new Ypsilon, but this is the first time we get a good look at its unique inside.

From the 1990s to the present, Lancia has been making “unique” cars. Some people would even say they were weird just because they were weird, but Lancia always paid attention to each person. If you’re lucky, you might still be able to find a first-generation Ypsilon with a two-tone gray and pale yellow finish and a faded pink interior. It’s an interesting mix, to say the least. The new Ypsilon is different in a way that doesn’t try to hide it.

The Ypsilon can’t be confused with any other car in the world. You’ll know it’s a Lancia even if you’re far away because of the new “calice” that proudly spans the front and the headlights that are pushed out into the sides. The back follows the theme with tail lights that look like those on the Stratos and wide, tall shoulders with a cabin that gets smaller on top. The large Smart #1 and many other cars got the idea for the “floating” roof from Smart #1. It works well on the small Ypsilon. Something from the Nissan Juke is hidden in the new Lancia. It’s a promise of a unique experience.

When we get inside, we see that Lancia really went all out with individuality. There are two screens, natural lighting, and a dashboard that goes all the way around. The dashboard is made of dark wood and fancy fabrics. The helipad, not the center desk, is what really stands out, though. Besides being different from the portable phone charger, it doesn’t do anything else and is a big risk. Will people accept it or laugh at it? This one is still up in the air.

Inside the new Ypsilon, the mix of history, nostalgia, and the future is very nice. The seats are made of blue velvet, which is the most luxurious material in the world. They have a standard Lancia look from the good old days. The color also calls back to the good old days. Sala, Lancia’s virtual helper, is now sitting proudly on top of the dashboard in a round case with blue LEDs that look like Alexa.

Lancia Introduces Ypsilon Cassina 2024 Limited Edition
Lancia didn’t give away any technical information about the Ypsilon, but they did say that the 54 kWh battery pack gave it a stated range of 250 miles. That battery is also in the Fiat 600e, the Jeep Avenger, and the Peugeot e-208, so if it sounds like a battery you know, it is. Stellantis owns all of these names, although they appear to be different. That means the Ypsilon will have the same 156-hp electric motor that drives the front wheels. No one knows, maybe there will even be a speed version with two motors, like the new Abarth 600 with 240 hp.

The 2024 Lancia is no longer a secret. It will be the Italian company’s first electric car, and it will be a small hatchback that promises range and individuality. The car is expected to be very popular in Italy, but the rest of Europe will be very cautious as usual. Its success will depend a lot on how well it is priced. Lancia serves a dressed-up Peugeot/Opel/Fiat hybrid to make us think that the days of selling Chryslers and Fiats that have been changed are over. It looks better this time.




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