Lotus Emeya electric vehicle costs €87,600 in China.

The Lotus Emeya has been launched in China. The starting price of €87,360 for this electric powerhouse is high, but it offers a lot of features.

The Emeya, Lotus’ second EV following the Eletre SUV, is available in four trim levels, including the top-of-the-line Emeya R+, which has 675 kW of power, 985 Nm of torque, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds.

Emeya and Emeya S+ have a battery pack capacity of 102 kWh and a range of up to 650 kilometers on a single charge. The identical battery pack found inside the more powerful R and R+ variants has a range of 520 km and 480 km, respectively.

Lotus Emeya electric vehicle costs €87,600 in China.

The sedan includes an active front and rear spoiler, which improves both performance and efficiency.

The Lotus Emeya features five seats and a 15.1-inch infotainment screen. Those who prefer a more intimate experience can also choose a four-seat layout.

The Lotus Emeya has an astonishing 34 driving assist sensors, including LiDAR technology, which aids in smart highway driving and automated parking. Two Nvidia Orin X chips do the number crunching.

Lotus Emeya electric vehicle costs €87,600 in China.

The Lotus Emeya comes in four trims, with prices ranging from RMB 668,000 to RMB 1,180,000 in China, or €87,360 to €154,300. And for those who want even more customisation, there are a variety of optional upgrades available, ranging from high-performance brake calipers to an eye-catching carbon kit.



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