Mini Aceman will be out on 24th April

Mini has just finished testing the new Aceman in harsh weather, and now we know when it will be released. The Mini Aceman will be shown for the first time at the 18th Auto China show in Beijing on April 24. The cool crossover takes a lot of style cues from the concept car we saw a long time ago. It should perform well, have more space than the Cooper EV, and be reasonably priced.

Mini Aceman Details

The mini Aceman is like the Cooper in terms of how it works. They both use the same Spotlight design, but the Aceman makes it longer by 192 mm. Even though it sounds like not much, it’s big enough to fit 5 people instead of Cooper’s 4. The Aceman fits nicely into the crossover category because it is 23 mm bigger and 130 mm taller.

Mini Aceman will be out on 24th April

You can choose between 184 hp and 218 hp (135 kW and 160 kW) of power. In both, the single electric motor will only power the front wheels, just like in the new Cooper. The times for going from 0 to 62 mph will also be the same: 7.3 seconds for the first lap and 6.7 seconds for the second. Like its little brother, the Aceman will come in three style levels: Classic, Exclusive, and Sport. After some time, the special JCW version will be out, but it won’t have any power upgrades.

There are more ways in which Aceman and Cooper are alike. The newcomer will use the same two batteries, which can hold 40.7 kWh and 54.2 kWh, or 49.2 kWh. The official range hasn’t been announced yet, but we can expect the numbers to be about the same: about 249 miles for the bigger battery and about 186 miles for the smaller one. It is possible to charge the smaller battery with up to 75 kW DC, but the bigger cell can handle up to 95 kW. Both can be charged with 11 kW of AC power.

Mini Aceman will be out on 24th April

On the inside, five seats have enough room for everyone. The fabric panel we saw in the concept car is now being used in real cars, as is the big round screen in the middle. Mini hasn’t given up on mechanical switches yet, which is good news. The classic row of toggles will be in the middle, just below the round screen. There won’t be any leather seats. Instead, the brand will use eco-friendly fabrics and other products.

The first mini Acemans should arrive by the end of this year, and production will initially take place in China. BMW is spending $741 million to improve the Oxford plant in the UK. In 2026, the Aceman will be made there. The new is slated to start at $39,500 when it finally goes on sale. This makes it a very good choice—in many markets, it will be less expensive than the Jeep Avenger, the Volvo EX30, or the Smart #1 of the same size.


First electric Mini Cooper leaves Chinese factory.



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