Official photos of the Jeep Wagoneer S have surfaced.

At the beginning of this month, Jeep gave us a sneak peek at the forthcoming Jeep Wagoneer S by revealing that it can reach 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. This served to further emphasize the fact that the “S” in the name of the vehicle stands for “speed.” The company is continuing to tease the public today, and this time they are doing so by releasing several images that show the Wagoneer from a variety of perspectives, including both the interior and exterior.

In contrast to the other Wagoneer models we mentioned, which don’t seem to have that in mind, its silhouette is very obviously aerodynamically influenced. This is understandable when one considers how important range is for an electric vehicle and how much-improved aerodynamics can help with that.

Official photos of the Jeep Wagoneer S have surfaced.

Stellantis’ STLA Large platform, which was just introduced to the public this month, serves as the foundation for the Jeep Wagoneer S. The vehicle features a “tech-focused” interior that features “premium technology seamlessly integrated with meticulously crafted artisan details.”.

This may be the only hazy thing that it does share with the 1963 Wagoneer, which also featured “a luxurious interior, upscale materials, and premium appointments.” This may be the only thing that it shares with the 1963 Wagoneer. Therefore, it is maintaining that concept while, of course, modifying it to conform to contemporary standards regarding the interior of an electric vehicle.

Official photos of the Jeep Wagoneer S have surfaced.

The vehicle is equipped with a “tailored driver control center” that features a “unique Jeep brand-exclusive Selec-Terrain toggle” as well as dynamic atmospheric lighting. A dual-pane panoramic sunroof will be included as standard equipment on the Jeep Wagoneer S, and a premium flagship McIntosh audio system with 19 speakers will be included.

These are the only details that Jeep has disclosed at this time; however, additional information will likely be disclosed in a few weeks when the next teaser is released. A piece of further information that was disclosed in the earlier teaser is that the Jeep Wagoneer S will be equipped with dual motors and 600 horsepower. Let us reiterate this information until then.



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