Opel has revealed that it will bring back yet another legendary nameplate from the 1990s. The Frontera is making a comeback as a fully electric SUV. Opel also published a few photographs, however specifics are limited at this point. According to the firm, the all-electric Frontera “displays a new rugged interpretation of Opel’s bold and pure design philosophy.”

Based on the photos provided today, it will most likely result in angular bodywork with plenty of plastic covering and somewhat elevated suspension. If you strain your eyes just so, the new Frontera’s profile resembles the older Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Frontera will be the first car from the brand to boldly display the new version of the corporate insignia, known as Blitz. We got a look of it in one of the teaser shots, alongside an LED headlamp. Opel promises that the new electric Frontera will have plenty of space and a versatile interior, making it appealing to both families and those with active lifestyles.

About Opel Frontera

The first Opel Frontera was released in Europe in 1991 and stayed in production for seven years. The second generation, known as Frontera B, did not endure long and was canceled in 2004. Outside of Europe, the car was known as the Isuzu MU 3-door and the MU Wizard 5-door SUV in Japan. In North America, it was known as the Isuzu Amigo, and it even briefly served as the Honda Jazz – yep, the Jazz was an SUV.

Back to the 2024 Frontera: Opel promises that the new vehicle will be available later this year. The Frontera may be based on the recently disclosed STLA Large EV platform, given the company’s affiliation with Stellantis. The vehicle will share many components with the new Jeep Wagoneer S, but will be significantly larger than the current Crossland model. According to Open’s press release, the Frontera is classified as an SUV rather than a crossover, indicating a larger car than the Jeep Avenger.

Opel revives Frontera as electrified SUV

Frontera isn’t the only name Opel has revived; following the public outcry over the prototype, the corporation planned to introduce an all-electric Opel Manta, but that idea appears to have been put on hold for the time being. For the time being, we’ll have to settle for a family-sized SUV with a well-known name and the promise of decent performance thanks to the new electric platform.



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