Rivian R2 makes its debut on March 7.

Rivian R2 makes its debut on March 7.

Rivian’s R1S and R1T have received positive feedback from owners and reviewers, although their beginning pricing are difficult to purchase. The business plans to launch the R2, a smaller, more affordable SUV, with an initial price of $40,000 (it may have altered since last year).

Rivian may unveil the R2 in Laguna Beach on March 7. The corporation has applied the Laguna Beach City Council to use a public beach near its flagship shop in the afternoon of March 7. Rivian filed a “RIVIAN R2 LAUNCH” paper displaying its grassy area plans.

After local opposition, the corporation withdrew the request. Rivian may utilize its main store, which was a theater and still has a stage and screen, without authorization as it owns the site.

Six vehicles were supposed to be displayed outside, but they can be displayed inside. Although not confirmed, the R2’s early March launch is highly likely.

Rivian’s new Atlanta factory should start production of the new model later this year. However, R2 deliveries may begin around 2025.

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