The Tesla Model 3 'Highland' is now being shipped to Europe.

Customers in Europe have begun receiving shipments of the upgraded Tesla Model 3, also referred to as the “Highland.” Some fortunate individuals from Germany and the Netherlands have taken to X (previously known as Twitter) to brag about their newly delivered Model 3s.

If you use the Tesla configurator in Germany, you will receive an estimate ranging from two to six weeks for the Model 3 Highland. In the meantime, prospective customers in the United States have access to the previous model, and the estimated shipping month is November. It is currently unknown when the new Model 3 will be made available to customers in the United States.

It appears that Germany was the first country to sell the Model 3, although it is available for purchase in China, and there have been reports that a fleet of brand-new Model 3s is being prepared for shipment in China.

The redesigned Tesla Model 3 has a more aerodynamic exterior with new headlights that are thinner and redesigned tail lights. Additionally, it has improved interior sound isolation, a redesigned interior, and a touchscreen display located in the rear of the vehicle.



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