Tesla updates Model Y in China for performance and range.

Tesla is offering more value for the same price, unlike many automakers who use minor updates to raise prices. In China, Tesla unveiled its updated Model Y, keeping the SUV appealing without changing prices.

The Chinese market offers three Model Y variants. Start with the base rear-wheel-drive Model Y. Next is the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Model Y Long Range. Finally, the Model Y Performance has a dual-motor all-wheel drive for adrenaline junkies.

The base Model Y’s CLTC range has increased by 6 miles, or 1.65%, to 344 miles. The 0-62 mph per hour acceleration time has been reduced from 6.9 seconds to 5.9 seconds. Price? Stable at RMB 263,900 ($36,140). If you want one, the wait time is 2-6 weeks.

The Model Y Long Range wanted to upgrade too. The CLTC range increased by 17 miles to 428 miles, a 4.24% improvement. This grandeur and price remain at RMB 299,900 ($41,100) with a 6-8-week wait.

Tesla updates Model Y in China for performance and range.

Meanwhile, the Model Y Performance appears to have retreated, retaining its specs. The CLTC range remains at 382 miles and its starting price remains at RMB 349,900 ($48,000). Eager customers can expect 2-6 weeks for delivery.

Tesla’s design team added magic beyond numbers. The Model Y’s new multi-colored ambient lighting, dashboard trim, and 19-inch wheels were teased on Weibo.

Chinese sales of the Model Y have fluctuated since its launch. In January 2021, Shanghai started shipping this sleek SUV. This year, Model Y retail sales rose 61.63% to 278,681 units between January and August. This SUV was China’s best-selling from January to May.



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