The Skoda Enyaq 2024 has increased range and power.

Skoda is refreshing the Enyaq significantly. The 2024 models have been updated with a new look that better reflects the Skoda brand and the iV is no longer a part of the name. Under the hood, however, it is still plain to see.

The improved electric motors, battery management, and, most excitingly, the increased ranges are what make this technology so promising.

Skoda Enyaq 85 Features

The Enyaq 85 has taken the place of the Enyaq 80 as the entry-level option. It boasts a lightning-fast DC charging time of 28 minutes from 10% to 80% capacity and an impressive WLTP cycle range estimate of 351. The 210 kW motor output is great news for speed demons as well, cutting the time it takes to go from 0 to 62 mph from 9 to 6.7 seconds.

The Skoda Enyaq 2024 has increased range and power.

Skoda Enyaq 85x features

The Enyaq 85x, an all-wheel-drive variant, can reach 62 mph in 6.6 seconds and has a similar 210 kW system output. It has a range of 334 miles, with the Coupe variant increasing that to 341. It shares the 85’s goal of minimizing disruptions in service by having a peak DC charging capacity of up to 175 kW.

Skoda’s Enyaq RS doesn’t pull any punches, either. In just 5.5 seconds, you can go from zero to 62 miles per hour thanks to its massive 250 kW power. The scope? Maximum range of 336 miles (or 340 miles for the CoupĂ©) at an average speed of 112 miles per hour.

The Skoda Enyaq 2024 has increased range and power.

The 2024 models are more than just an exercise in electric musculature. Preheating the battery is an intriguing feature. It is a considerate addition to the electric experience and can be activated either manually or automatically upon entering a route to a high-power charger in the navigation system.

The new version 4.0 of the infotainment system has a more modernized interface. Laura, Skoda’s virtual assistant, is supposedly more attentive to its users’ needs now.

In the first week of November 2024, Skoda will begin manufacturing the Enyaq. Pricing details will be forthcoming.


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