Volvo's first electric minivan, the EM90, has been teased.

Some may think the minivan is a 90s relic, but Volvo disagrees. Swedish automaker gave us a sneak peek of their EM90 all-electric minivan, ignoring the SUV craze. It looks like a visual treat from what we’ve seen.

Volvo posted more EM90 photos on Instagram a month after releasing a teaser video. These photos preview the November 12, 2023 reveal.

An illuminated brand emblem sits on the EM90’s chrome grille. This design contrasts with Volvo’s grille-less EX90 and EX30 models. The chrome touch may be inspired by the Zeekr 009 model, which has a similar style. Zeekr is owned by Geely, which also owns Volvo. The similarities between the two brands in developing this electric minivan shouldn’t be a surprise.

Volvo's first electric minivan, the EM90, has been teased.

Despite their design similarities, the vehicles are not identical. One difference is tail light designs. The Zeekr 009 has a full-width finish, but the EM90 has a T-shaped light cluster.

Looking at the wheels, they resemble the Volvo EX30’s. Clear message? Even though the EM90 is inspired by global models, it screams ‘Volvo’ everywhere.

There’s a catch that may disappoint eager buyers. Starting with its launch, the EM90 will be exclusive to China. Volvo has suggested expanding its reach, so don’t worry. SUVs and crossovers dominate the auto industry, but minivans are still popular with families worldwide due to their interior space and convenience.


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