BMW 7 Series  to get Level 3 driving aid 

German automaker BMW makes full-size luxury sedans called the 7 Series. The top of BMW's sedan lineup, it offers advanced technology, luxury features, and a premium driving experience.

BMW announced today that the 7 Series will get Level 3 driving assistance next spring. The first cars with the feature will ship in March 2024 after ordering in December.

The vehicle can perform certain driving tasks under certain conditions at this level. The driver can stop monitoring the vehicle but must take control when the system asks.

The company currently offers Level 2 automated driving, which includes automatic lane change and adaptive cruise control, allowing drivers to take their hands off the wheel but still stay alert.

BMW Personal Pilot L3 only works on highways at 37 mph, defeating its purpose. Given that the Personal Pilot L3 will only be sold in Germany, where high-speed highways abound,