Mercedes-Benz  EQE AMG 43  4Matic  review

Mercedes, a leader in the automotive industry since the invention of automobiles, has been testing the EQE 43 AMG, one of the first fully electric AMG models.

The EQE 43 AMG is a midsize sedan with smooth body lines optimized for improved aerodynamics, incorporating Mercedes' latest design language based on intelligence and emotion. 

The AMG models have a drag coefficient of just Cd=0.26 for the AMG models and even more impressive Cd=0.242 for non-AMG variants. The aggressive AMG bodykit slightly disturbs airflow but significantly improves the vehicle's appearance.

The test car was a Mercedes-Benz EQE 43 AMG 4Matic, finished in "Graphite gray metallic". It is the penultimate level in the EQE lineup, topped only by the EQE 53 AMG 4Matic+, which offers more power but at a higher price point.

Dimensions: 4,964 mm x 1,906 mm x 1,492 mm, 3,120 mm wheelbase. Drivetrain tested: 43 AMG 4Matic - AWD 350 kW (476 hp), 858 Nm, 90.6 kWh usable, 100 kWh total battery capacity. Other drivetrains: 350 - RWD, 215 kW (292 hp), 565 Nm, 89 kWh usable, 98 kWh total battery capacity.

Charging: 170 kW DC max, 10-80% in 32 min; Type 2 11 kW and 22 kW AC Range: 331 miles WLTP Weight: 2,525 kg unladen, 3,095 kg gro Other features: Hyper Screen, Passenger screen, Traffic light camera, Air suspension, Connected services.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE AMG 43 4Matic is a unique and distinct car that prioritizes function over form, focusing on minimizing drag coefficient. The exterior features a low and wide front with a Mercedes emblem, a plastic grille with radars and sensors, and vertical stripes that can be blacked out or imitate chrome.

The headlights use "Digital Light" technology, incorporating LED daylights and projecting images on the vehicle's surface. The front and side profiles are similar, with a raised window line and two separate body lines.

The EQE's shape is optimized for aerodynamics, with door sills painted black with a prominent chrome line. The door handles pop up when the vehicle is near, benefiting the vehicle's range.

The wheels follow the current automotive trend of being flat and aerodynamic, with a design with 5 spokes and a second layer with gills behind, making the wheels look sporty and aggressive while also being efficient while driving.

Pro – Technological masterpiece. – Responsive steering. – Drives great and accordingly in all modes (Sport, Medium, Comfort). – Great efficiency at high speeds. – The interior is tight, without feeling claustrophobic. – The gauge cluster is highly customizable and has a lot of features.

Con – The exterior is polarizing. – Built quality is subpar and many elements in the interior creak and rattle. – Large weight hinders performance. – The trunk has a very small opening. – The EQE is expensive and optional extras quickly pile up.