XPeng expands XNGP advanced autopilot to 27 more Chinese cities.

XPeng is currently intensifying its endeavors to expand the accessibility of its cutting-edge driver assistance system, XNGP (Navigation Guided Pilot), to a wider user base throughout China. XPeng, the renowned Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently made significant strides in its market reach. With an impressive expansion effort, XPeng has successfully extended its coverage to an additional 27 cities, effectively increasing its presence to a remarkable total of 52 urban areas across China. This noteworthy development signifies XPeng’s commitment to broadening its customer base and solidifying its position as a prominent player in the Chinese automotive industry. Additionally, the company has outlined its strategic objective of expanding the reach of XNGP to the European market, with a targeted timeline of achieving this goal by the conclusion of 2024.

Effective immediately, owners of eligible G9 and P7i vehicles will be granted access to the highly anticipated Xmart OS 4.5.0 system’s public beta. This latest software update introduces the revolutionary XNGP feature, offering an enhanced driving experience. For owners of the G6 vehicle, an opportunity to participate in the beta program will commence on December 18th.

XNGP is an all-encompassing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that caters to a wide range of driving scenarios, such as highways, city streets, campus roads, and parking lots. The Highway NGP, now known as XPeng, has experienced a gradual expansion of its coverage, encompassing an increasing number of urban areas.

XPeng expands XNGP advanced autopilot to 27 more Chinese cities.

During the company’s highly anticipated annual Tech Day event on October 24th, XPeng made a bold announcement regarding its strategic initiative, XNGP. The company revealed its ambitious plan to swiftly deploy XNGP in 20 cities, even without the support of high-definition maps, by the end of November. Impressively, XPeng aims to surpass this target and expand XNGP to an impressive 50 cities by the conclusion of this year, demonstrating its commitment to exceeding expectations and staying ahead of schedule. XPeng has set an ambitious objective of achieving widespread deployment of XNGP across major urban areas in China by the conclusion of 2024.

Li Auto has announced the impending release of its highly anticipated OTA 5.0 update for L-series models. This update, scheduled to roll out on December 19, will bring a host of advanced smart driving features to Li Auto vehicles. Notably, these features will cover a wide range of road types, including highways, city ring roads, and urban roads, across an impressive 110 cities in China.

Nio, on its end, has announced its commitment to finalize the validation process for a total distance of 155,300 miles encompassing its NOP+ (Navigate on Pilot Plus) urban pilot routes spanning across 200 cities in China by the conclusion of this calendar year.



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