Apple CarPlay+ Opens for 2025 Porsche Taycan

For the first time, Porsche showed off the improved 2025 Taycan today. A lot of changes have been made to the performance brand’s best-selling electric vehicle. The main ones are more power, longer range, and faster charge. At the same time, the entertainment system was updated. The Taycan is now the first car to have the newest version of the system, which is called Apple CarPlay+.

Even though both Aston Martin and Porsche showed off the new technology last year, not much information was available at the time. We knew that Apple CarPlay+ would be deeply built into the car’s systems, giving us a smooth Apple experience and full control over the car through a familiar interface. We got a better look at the new solution thanks to Autogefühl’s study of the updated Taycan, which was one of the first to do so.

Apple CarPlay+ 

Apple CarPlay+ Opens for 2025 Porsche Taycan

Once you connect your iPhone to the car using the Porsche app, you can use the new Apple CarPlay+ feature, though it is displayed under a Porsche logo, which can be confusing. Even though the first step is overly difficult, what comes next is a pretty good time.

We can use all of the vehicle’s features, starting with a brand-new screen layout. You don’t have to dig around for the lighting or climate settings anymore; everything is on one screen and only a touch away. Simple changes, like the Climate Modes, let you make changes with just one touch, based on your needs. You can also make your own programs that are easy to set up.

The main navigation screen now has all the information that you normally get from your iPhone. The Coffee App is a cool addition because it tells the driver which coffee shop is closest to them along the way. You can now choose beautiful routes for navigation. It should be easy to find the nearest charging station, and the car keeps track of your driving habits, such as the fastest acceleration, highest G, weekly and monthly driving patterns, and a lot more.

You no longer have to switch between screens and apps to use Apple Music. It is now fully integrated and shares the screen with the radio settings. Apple CarPlay+ can only be used on the main infotainment screen right now, but the company says that with the next update, the software will be able to handle the instrument cluster and show the driver all the information they need.

CarPlay+ seems like a good step forward in integrating phones with cars. It’s been a long time coming. Many drivers won’t have to learn any new interfaces because they can just connect an iPhone and be in the same environment. We could tell right away from the short preview how easy it would be to use. Swiping between screens made sense, and all the functions and apps were grouped in a way that makes sense, which is something that many automakers have trouble with.

So far, only Porsche and Aston Martin have added Apple CarPlay+ to their cars. No word on which other car companies will follow suit. It’s my hope that the list will grow quickly because CarPlay+ seems to be a good step forward and an improvement over the current systems.


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