New Renault Twingo EV concept is official, super efficient.

As predicted in a recent report, Renault has officially introduced its latest addition to the electric vehicle market – an affordable city car known as Twingo. The electric Twingo that was launched in 2020 was not the first of its kind.

The highly anticipated Twingo EV is set to be priced at a remarkable “under $21,000” while boasting exceptional efficiency. It has been reported that the vehicle will consume a mere 10 kWh per 62 miles, showcasing its impressive energy-saving capabilities.

The only detail we currently have regarding the upcoming Twingo EV is the concept pictures displayed above and below. The Twingo EV, positioned beneath the forthcoming Renault 5 and Renault 4, will claim the title of Renault’s most compact EV. It will adopt the AmpR Small modular architecture, just like its larger siblings.

New Renault Twingo EV concept is official, super efficient.

Renault is targeting a production timeline of approximately late 2025, with the expectation that initial shipments will commence in early 2026, assuming all goes according to plan. By that juncture, it is to be anticipated that the cost will remain consistent with its current advertised value – on numerous occasions, we have observed electric vehicle pricing gradually increase from the initial announcement to the commencement of sales.

The upcoming Twingo EV is set to be manufactured in Europe, ensuring a localized production process. Moreover, it is worth noting that the CO2 emissions generated throughout its lifespan are anticipated to be approximately 75% lower compared to the average European internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sold within this year.


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