The MG 9 and MG S9 premium models debut in Geneva. 

At the Geneva Motor Show, the British-turned-Chinese MG brand introduced two new high-end electric vehicles: the MG 9 sedan and the MG S9 crossover SUV.

The Chinese conglomerate acquired the once-British sports car manufacturer MG a few years ago. Presently, SAIC appears to be capitalizing on the brand’s residual fame to increase its influence worldwide. SAIC is once again using vehicles with branding from its less well-known subsidiary, Rising, to achieve this. The Rising F7 and R7 are models that are already seen on Chinese roads; they serve as the basis for the newly manufactured MG 9 and MG S9.

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MG 9 Details

With its low-slung, coupe-like profile, the MG 9 sedan unmistakably takes design cues from the Nio ET7. With dimensions of 5,000 mm in length, 1953 mm in width, and 1494 mm in height, and a wheelbase of 3000 mm, it is marginally larger than the Tesla Model S and 60 mm shorter than the new BMW i5. Its drag coefficient is an impressive 0.206 CD.

The MG 9 and the Rising F7 both use the same powertrain. Anticipate a 250 kW motor mounted on the back, with battery options spanning from 64 kWh (in LFP and NMC configurations) to 90 kWh. We also hear rumors of a 400-kW AWD variant with two motors. Battery packs boast varying ranges; the smallest one claims 311 miles and the largest 436 miles. As CLTC estimates, they are extremely optimistic.

The MG 9 and MG S9 premium models debut in Geneva. 

The inside is an entirely different beast. The three-screen arrangement, which takes design cues from the Mercedes MBUX, makes the MG 9 an attention magnet. An additional 8-inch screen is reserved exclusively for the backseat passengers.

Intriguingly, the Rising F7 has battery-swapping technology in China. It can remove the dead battery and replace it with a new one in less than 90 seconds, which is less than 1.5 minutes. Despite how cool it sounds, this won’t see any action outside of China for a while.

MG S9 Details

A rebadged Rising R7 is the MG S9, a crossover SUV. Some design cues are unique to MG, but it looks like its less famous Chinese sibling. With measurements of 4900 mm in length, 1925 mm in width, and 1655 mm in height, the MG S9 fearlessly goes up against the well-liked Tesla Model Y.

With an extra augmented reality heads-up display, the S9 maintains the triple-screen extravaganza on the inside. A 77 kWh NMC battery pack and one 250 kW motor mounted at the back power the claimed 354-mile range.


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