Discover the Future: Peugeot Inception Concept Car Unveiled

Peugeot first debuted its Inception Concept more than a year ago at the VivaTech expo in Paris, France. Here’s what impressed us.

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Peugeot Inception Exterior

The exterior of the Inception Concept looks like it’s ready to cut you with its razor-sharp edges everywhere. Peugeot‘s trademarked claws make this an instantly recognizable member of the French brand’s portfolio, but now they are even more noticeable in the rear, which looks like it’s still rendering or a part of an 80’s lo-fi video game. The design is captivating with its retro-futurism, and the suicide rear doors provide a clear look at the whole interior, completely eliminating the B-pillar. Peugeot has shown many beautiful concept cars over the years, and we only wish their road-going versions were at least partially as daring as the prototypes suggest.

Discover the Future: Peugeot Inception Concept Car Unveiled

Peugeot Inception Interior

Inside, the Inception is where it gets even more interesting. For starters, there is no traditional steering wheel; its controls are akin to those of a game console. Don’t expect to see this in production Peugeots in the near future, but some steering wheel controls will likely be present. However, it is highly doubtful that we’ll ever see something like the infotainment system in production. This system looks like a carburetor mounted on top of the dashboard instead of a regular screen.

You sit on mini Tesla Cybertrucks instead of regular seats, which doesn’t look comfortable at first glance. However, upon getting inside, you realize that only the shells have this weird triangular shape and the seats are actually quite cozy. All the materials inside are recycled, highlighting Peugeot’s ambition to achieve carbon neutrality in the near future.

Discover the Future: Peugeot Inception Concept Car Unveiled

Peugeot Inception Power

The Inception prototype comes with a 100 kWh battery pack and a 500 kW (680 hp) powertrain. This should be enough for about 311 miles of range. More intriguing, however, is the charging procedure, which we eagerly anticipate seeing in future models. The Inception charges wirelessly at about 19 miles per minute. While the odds of this becoming commercially viable are slim, we will be keeping an eye on its development.


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