Tesla's 2024.20 Update Enhances Headlights and AC

The latest Tesla software update, 2024.20, introduces several enhancements aimed at improving the overall driving experience, particularly in hot weather conditions and on winding roads. Here are the key features of this update:

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Adaptive Headlights Improvement:

  • Vehicles equipped with matrix LED headlights will benefit from enhanced beam pattern adjustments. This feature allows the headlights to better illuminate curves in the road, significantly improving visibility and safety during nighttime driving on twisty roads.

Air Conditioning System Enhancements:

  • The air conditioning (AC) system has been optimized for better performance in hot weather. When set to Auto, the cabin cools down faster, and the system more effectively regulates the temperature of the high-voltage battery. This results in a more comfortable driving experience in high temperatures and improved supercharging performance.
  • Notably, these AC improvements will also lead to quieter climate control operations in the Cybertruck.

Tesla Arcade Update:

  • The popular Beach Buggy Racing game in Tesla Arcade now includes a competitive element. Players can set track records at Supercharger stations and compete on leaderboards specific to each station. This feature adds a fun, competitive dimension to the waiting time during charging sessions.
  • It’s worth noting that while Steam-powered gaming is no longer available for new Tesla models, this update offers a playful distraction for owners.

These updates reflect Tesla’s continuous commitment to enhancing vehicle performance and user experience through over-the-air software updates. Although the changes may seem incremental, they collectively enhance the enjoyment, comfort, and safety of driving a Tesla. The gradual rollout of the 2024.20 update means that it may take some time before all vehicles receive these improvements.


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