Xiaomi SU7 officially launched starting at $30,000

Xiaomi finally unveiled the SU7 hatchback today, which is likely the most-anticipated electric car of the year.

Xiaomi SU7

First look at the base model. It has a 299 hp motor on the back and a 73.6 kWh 486V battery, which is enough for a 700 km range on the overly hopeful CLTC standard. It only takes 15 minutes to charge enough to go 310 km. Without any extras, this trim starts at RMB 215,900, which is $30,000.

Xiaomi SU7 Pro

The SU7 Pro has the same rear motor as the regular model and a 94.3 kWh battery that can go for 830 km. If you want a bit more range, that’s fine. The price of this one is precisely the same as the Tesla Model 3’s price in China: RMB 245,900 ($34,000.00).

Xiaomi SU7 Max

The 871V design and 101 kWh battery in the SU7 Max put it at the top of the range. One charge gives it a range of up to 810 km. Xiaomi says that you can recover 510 km of range in 15 minutes, and the dual motor AWD system puts out 495 kW (673 hp). This one costs RMB 299,900, which is about $41,500.

Xiaomi SU7 officially launched starting at $30,000

All trims will come with Xiaomi’s powerful Pilot Pro self-driving system, which has an Nvidia Orin chip, a LiDAR system, and 11 cameras. Mi says the Pilot Pro feature will be available to test in April, and it will be available in several Chinese places in May. In August of this year, the whole country will be rolled out.

There are a few cool things inside that can make the experience more interesting. A fridge, Nappa leather or Oeko-Tex seats, a 25-speaker Dolby Atmos system with some speakers built into the driver’s backrest, two screens for the back seats that are Xiaomi Pad 6S Pros that have been used for something else, and a 56-inch HUD that can be adjusted.

Xiaomi SU7 officially launched starting at $30,000

Users of Apple products are also welcome to use the entertainment system, which has many features and works well with Xiaomi phones. The car works with Apple CarPlay, and you can even get iPads instead of Xiaomi’s screens built into the back seats if you want to.

You can get some free stuff, like Nappa leather seats and a fridge section, if you place an order by April 30. The regular and Max SU7 models will start shipping at the end of April. The Pro model will start shipping at the end of May.

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