IM Motors launches L6 sedan at $31,800 with more than 620 miles range

Yesterday, IM Motors showed off its newest electric car, the L6 sedan. Today, the company has made the full announcement about it. This is its second saloon and fourth car that it has made.

IM Motors L6 sedan Details

The most pricey choice is said to come with a “quasi-900V” ultra-fast charging semi-solid-state battery. The fastest charge it can handle is 400 kW, and it will give you 249 miles of CLTC range in 12 minutes. IM Motors says that the L6 will have this technology before any other car in the world. The 130 kWh semi-solid-state battery will have a CLTC range of more than 620 miles. However, keep in mind that CLTC range numbers are always the most ridiculous ones out there.

You’ll get a 90 kWh battery pack for the entry-level option and a 100 kWh battery pack for the mid-level option, in that order. Based on the CLTC standard, these will be promoted as having a range of 435 to 478 miles.

The L6 is 4,931 mm long, 1,960 mm wide, and 1,474 mm high. Its wheelbase is 2,950 mm. It’s about the same size as the Tesla Model 3 and the Zeekr 007, but a little bigger.

The L6 comes with both rear-wheel drive (with a single motor) and all-wheel drive (with two motors). The rear-wheel drive version has 216 kW/ 289 hp of power, while the all-wheel drive version has 579 kW/ 776 hp.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P chip and Nvidia’s Orin X chip power the car inside. The driving wheel is not round, and there are a lot of big screens inside. The company that makes the car also says that it has an “intelligent digital chassis” that lets it do the crab walk.

IM Motors L6 sedan Price

The prices range from CNY 230,000, which is about $31,800, to CNY 330,000, which is about $45,600. The third one, which costs CNY 300,000 ($41,500), will be in the middle of the three.

The L6 probably will never be sold outside of China under the IM brand. However, we recently heard that its cars could be sold abroad under the MG name, which is owned by SAIC, one of China’s biggest automakers, and also has a majority stake in IM Motors.

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