Alfa Romeo Milano debuts for the first time

Alfa Romeo’s first all-electric vehicle is just a few months away, and the firm felt it was time to give the world a taste of what it has in store. The small electric crossover, wrapped in brilliant red camouflage, promises to be a lot of fun.

Alfa Romeo Brand

Alfa Romeo is one of the few car businesses that evokes such strong emotions. Has the firm ever produced the best automobiles in the world? Absolutely not. It hasn’t developed the fastest or most opulent vehicles. Nonetheless, it is one of the most recognized brands in the auto industry, and while it is taking its time bringing its first EV to market, we are all quite thrilled about it.

With the Milano’s debut slated for April 10, Alfa’s engineers are hard at work finalizing the car’s handling. The same people that tuned the 4C and 8C coupes, as well as the Giulia GTA, promise that Milano will have “outstanding dynamics.” More direct steering, along with better geometry, should result in improved response and a more enjoyable cornering experience.

Looking at the images, we can instantly see that the Milano is not a large vehicle. The electric Alfa, built on Stallantis’ e-CMP platform, will be similar in size and components to the Jeep Avenger. But, unlike the Jeep, it will be equipped with a twin-motor all-wheel-drive system with a total output of roughly 240 horsepower. This powerplant is shared with the new Abarth 600e, indicating a closer relationship between the two manufacturers than they may confess.Alfa Romeo Milano debuts for the first time

A 54 kWh battery pack, similar to those seen in the Jeep Avenger, Fiat 600e, and Abarth 600e, powers the lighting. Both Fiat and Jeep guarantee 249 miles of WLTP range, although the Milano should have a somewhat lower figure because it is powered by two electric motors.

Alfa Romeo Milano: a huge name, high expectations, and a small car. It’s an unusual combination, but Alfa Romeo understands that its reputation is on the line with this EV and is unwilling to risk it. We should expect a small electric hoot with sufficient of oomph to keep things entertaining and give the Mini Cooper SE a good run for its money. Speaking of money, the beginning price will be around $50,000, making Milano’s debut challenging. The same amount of money may purchase the 428 hp twin-motor Volvo EX30 or the insanely powerful Smart #1 Brabus, both with larger batteries and significantly more power.

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