FSD v12.1.2 Beta

Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta) version 12.1.2, update 2023.44.30.12, is back, and it’s causing Tesla to make headlines again. This much-anticipated update carries the promise of a more advanced autonomous driving experience. This one is the one, though we’ve heard it all before. Nearly there.

Switching from explicit C++ code to an end-to-end neural network is, without a doubt, the most notable improvement in FSD v12.1.2 Beta. This neural network has the potential to improve Tesla’s ADAS, as it was trained using a large dataset of video clips. It is worth mentioning that Tesla continues to refer to this version as beta, even though it is an admirable step towards a more advanced system. It seems like Elon Musk’s earlier suggestions about FSD emerging from beta have gone in a different direction. Once more.

FSD v12.1.2 Beta

A Tesla influencer named @WholeMarsBlog was one of the first to showcase the V12.1.2 update, which is now available to non-employees. From what we can tell so far, the new FSD v12.1.2 Beta provides a driving experience that is more natural and easy to understand. Nevertheless, past events have demonstrated that such releases are frequently met with enthusiasm. No matter how encouraging this update is, achieving level 4 or even level 3 autonomy won’t happen magically. I think it’s a good move. The initial brief demo video is here:

Immediately better is the way FSD v12.1.2 Beta deals with city driving situations. A more pleasant driving experience is the result of improved responsiveness and smoother transitions, which are more in line with how humans drive. Given that the system no longer solely relies on engineer-written code and instead takes cues from videos of actual human drivers, this is not surprising.

The vehicle’s ability to pull over to the side of the road autonomously is another intriguing feature. It was first demonstrated on Elon Musk’s live stream. The driving experience is already very user-friendly, and this new feature just makes it better.

As more Tesla owners get the update and provide feedback, the real performance of FSD v12.1.2 Beta will become apparent. Elon Musk said that testing in varied driving conditions, particularly those with heavy rain, will be vital. Nevertheless, this update is anticipated to be released slowly and gradually, so it may take several months before the majority of Tesla owners can access it. In the future, Tesla will probably release more beta versions of the system after collecting user feedback.


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