Mercedes-Benz announces electric-only “baby” G-Class

Markus Schaefer, Mercedes-Benz’s technical director, made a ground-breaking announcement at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show by revealing that the upcoming “baby” G-Class will only have an electric powertrain, putting an end to rumors about an ICE replacement.

What distinguishes this electric SUV is not just its power source, but also its unusual platform design. Contrary to predictions, the smaller Mercedes G-Class will not be constructed on the new Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA), which is intended for the brand’s entry-level electric vehicles. Instead, it will be built on a base derived from larger Mercedes automobiles.

Magna Steyr’s future full-size electric G-Wagon will contain cutting-edge technologies, making this tiny off-roader a promising potential. Mercedes has boldly asserted that the electric EQG, a sister of the “baby” G-Class, will outperform its gasoline-powered equivalent in terms of off-road capability. This remark also suggests that the smaller G-Class has the potential for substantial off-road capability.

The smaller electric G-Wagon will be developed by Mercedes’ new specialist G division, making it the third model in the G series after the combustion-powered G-Class and the EQG. The smaller electric G-Class is planned to arrive in 2026, while the full-size EQG will premiere later this year.

An all-electric “baby” G-Class based on an unorthodox platform represents a significant departure for Mercedes-Benz. It clearly demonstrates the growing importance of EVs in the market, paving the path for a future where even iconic and tough SUVs like the G-Class will no longer rely on traditional internal combustion engines.



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