Xiaomi is Producing its First EV, planned to ship 300 cars in December

One of the sources who is familiar with Xiaomi’s internal operations has stated that the business has already begun the process of verifying the production line for the new Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicle manufacturing line. Production began the previous week, and the company’s goal is to manufacture three hundred vehicles by the end of this month.

The end user is not the intended recipient of these automobiles; rather, they are required for use in showrooms and certain Xiaomi outlets located around China. Also, the production procedure that is now being used is aimed at resolving challenges. Xiaomi was already experiencing some manufacturing line issues, and the company needed to release a fresh software update to fix a problem with the vehicle’s systems.

At the moment, Xiaomi’s objective is to manufacture automobiles that are free of problems and to place more emphasis on quality than quantity. Due to the fact that this is Xiaomi’s very first electric vehicle, the company must ensure that it is perfect before launching two more automobiles within the following three years. Another electric vehicle is in the works, and a hybrid vehicle has already started the design phase after that.



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