Citroen Ami Peps a new version With modular cargo kit for its fourth anniversary

The new Citroen Ami Peps is merging of the high-end Tonic and Pop versions, which is described as “a blend of contrasts, graphics, and colorful accents” which come alongside features that make daily life easier.

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Citroen Ami Peps Design

Citroen Ami Peps has a “very expressive front end” with a black graphic band under the windshield animated by sharp yellow horizontal stickers, and black headlight rims. Its rear spoiler expresses its dynamism, as do the four “floral-design wheel covers with white decorations”.

Inside the Citroen Ami Peps, you still get the smartphone clip, door nets with an orange band, a central separation net, a bag hook, and three orange storage bins. You can connect your smartphone to the car to access all of its data, including available range, mileage, and maintenance alerts. The My Ami Play interface turns your smartphone into a dashboard with quick access to navigation, music, radio, or phone calls.

Citroen Ami Peps a new version With modular cargo kit for its fourth anniversary

Citroen Ami Peps My Cargo Kit

The My Cargo Kit is a “new clever module” offered separately which replaces the Cargo version entirely. This will let you have a practical and functional loading space when you need that – and when you don’t, you can fold it out of the way to still accommodate two people in the car.

Citroen says My Cargo Kit “allows for hassle-free loading of different types of packages in the context of last-mile delivery” or for any other activity, with easy access thanks to the opening angle of the door. Loading capacity is up to 340 l throughout the vehicle, and up to 200 l under the kit’s storage net.

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