US Tesla get free one-month trials of Full Self-Driving Technology (FSD)

While it’s true that Tesla‘s Full Self-Driving Technology (FSD) has been in the works for a long time, the company’s lofty claims that it would change the way people drive have not come true. As we wait for that to materialize, Tesla is offering every US owner the option to try out the system. Soon, Tesla owners will be able to try out the FSD software for free for a month.

After many postponements, the upgrade, codenamed FSD Beta v12, began rolling out this week. Using vast quantities of real-world driving data to train the system, Tesla CEO Elon Musk boasts huge back-end advancements, calling it “mind-blowing” (once again).

Full Self-Driving Technology (FSD) Price

On the other hand, can FSD alter people’s lives dramatically? Despite FSD’s unparalleled capabilities, the driver is still responsible for making driving judgments with Level 2 driver assistance technologies. The exorbitant price of FSD ($12,000 for the whole system or $199 per month) is too much for many owners to bear.

US Tesla get free one-month trials of Full Self-Driving Technology (FSD)

A Tesla-powered fix? Facilitate the ability to test before purchasing. Even though Tesla has provided free FSD trials before, this is their most recent effort to entice current and future customers in the United States. It appears that Tesla won’t stop until everyone has used and tested its technology.

It would indicate that the adoption rate of FSD has been subpar. With every new vehicle delivery, Tesla has even begun assigning staff responsible for delivering FSD demonstrations. At some point this week, the free 30-day trial of FSD will begin. Although the original proposal included testing FSD throughout North America, it seems that at the moment, this benefit is only available to Tesla customers in the US.


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