The Nissan Townstar Evalia is here for family vacation

The Nissan Townstar Evalia is an all-electric workhorse that transforms into a comfy seven-seater for busy families and weekend adventurers.

The Townstar Evalia does not only carry people; it also carries cargo with its removable rear seats. This van boasts up to a whopping 3750 liters of cargo space, making every challenge manageable.

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Nissan Townstar Evalia Power output

The 45-kWh battery should deliver a range of up to 165 miles, so the Townstar Evalia won’t have you constantly searching for a charging station. Charging it at home is a cinch, courtesy of the new 22 kW AC support. Nissan claims it only takes 90 minutes to charge the Townstar Evalia from 15% to 80% using a domestic AC charger.

Thanks to Evalia’s quick charge capabilities, you can get back on the road in just over half an hour, perfect for those impromptu road trips. The 122-hp electric motor won’t have you breaking any speed records. Still, it should offer plenty of performance for everyday use.

The Nissan Townstar Evalia is here for family vacation

Nissan Townstar Evalia Assisant

Nissan Townstar Evalia has a comfort features, like wide sliding doors and apparently a super-quiet cabin, will bring a touch of relaxation to even the most chaotic school runs. Safety hasn’t been forgotten either; the Townstar Evalia comes equipped with the latest driver-assist technologies, such as blind spot warning, emergency braking, lane assistance, drowsiness warnings, a 360-degree camera, and a tire pressure monitor.

Nissan Townstar Evalia offers

The Townstar Evalia offers generous interior dimensions and a practical layout that adapts to your ever-changing needs. It comes with a comprehensive 99,400-mile warranty and an 8-year warranty on the battery pack, so you can enjoy worry-free adventures for years.


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