Tesla's FSD subscription is now $99 Per Month (50% cheaper)

The price of the FSD subscription service, which is only available in the US right now, dropped by a huge 50%. It used to cost $199 a month, but now it only costs $99 a month. Those who are already users will only be charged $99 a month from now on. This isn’t just for new members.

There’s no word on why the price dropped so quickly, but it’s important to note that buying FSD directly when you buy your Tesla still costs the same as it did before $12,000. With the new prices for subscriptions, that price is the same as paying that amount every month for 10 years.

It doesn’t make sense to buy a car outright, since most people in the US keep their cars for eight years on average. The price of the monthly service might go up in the future, though.

The FSD service will next be available in Canada, but it’s not clear if it will ever be available anywhere else.


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