Hyundai showcases Mobion with crab-walking tech and transparent displays.

Hyundai showcases Mobion with crab-walking tech and transparent displays.

Hyundai Mobis, the famed auto manufacturer’s tech branch, is gearing up to unveil its ground-breaking Mobion concept at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in just over a week.

The Mobion is cloaked in mystery, bucking the tradition of typical electric car introductions, but insiders say it will likely build on the revolutionary basis of the first Mobion Ioniq 5. The star of the show is Hyundai’s groundbreaking e-Corner technology, which allows the Mobion to swivel each wheel by an incredible 90 degrees. This enables quick movements such as Zero Turn, Pivot Turn, and Diagonal Driving.

Hyundai’s Innovative Transparent Display series will be another show stopper at CES 2024. This cutting-edge technology comprises an in-vehicle rollable display and a swivel display with Quantum Dot and Local Dimming Display, as well as 3D viewing comparable to OLED-level systems.

The transparent display, which makes use of holographic optical elements, stands out for its ability to convey critical information to the driver while remaining clear of the road ahead. Hyundai Mobis envisage this as a next-generation head-up display, enlarging visuals on the windshield and providing real-time updates on important parameters such as battery range.

Aside from the displays and the new concept vehicle, Hyundai Mobis will unveil its new 22kW Charging Control Unit, which is intended for vehicle-to-grid applications. This innovation, with double the power of the existing industry standard, reduces EV charging times, providing a substantial advantage for drivers looking for short pit stops.

Hyundai promises an interactive experience for CES 2024 guests, which adds to the excitement. In contrast to prior static exhibits, attendees will be able to experience the Mobion firsthand, delivering a hands-on encounter with the future of electric transportation.


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