XPeng X9 MPV unveiled days before its official debut.

As the date of October 24th draws near, both electric vehicle enthusiasts and industry insiders are eagerly anticipating the highly anticipated reveal of the XPeng X9 MPV. The grapevine has been buzzing with excitement due to the recently revealed render images and the rumors of its debut at XPeng’s upcoming Technology Day.

In August, the XPeng X9 made its debut, showcasing a unique camouflage design. The text subtly suggested that the vehicle would soon be unveiled to the public. In addition to all of this, XPeng will have its paperwork in order by September, further fueling our anticipation. Through its application for a sales permit and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT) approval of the X9, XPeng has shown its strong dedication to the electric MPV market.

XPeng X9 MPV unveiled days before its official debut.

XPeng X9 MPV Details

Thanks to the MIIT filing, we no longer have to guess about its size. With dimensions of 5,293 mm in length, 1,988 mm in width, and 1,785 mm in height, it stretches nearly 5.3 meters, making it quite impressive. Do not underestimate its size; it provides comfort with a wheelbase of 3,160 mm and guarantees seating for 6-7 passengers spread across three rows.

The X9 also offers a generous amount of power. Potential owners have the option to choose between two models: single motor or dual motor. The single front-wheel drive (FWD) version, which comes with a lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) from Eve Energy, provides a robust power output of 235 kW. The dual-motor variant takes it to the next level. The vehicle boasts an impressive maximum power of 370 kW (496 hp), with 235 kW in the front and an additional 135 kW in the rear. A Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) battery from CALB serves as the powerhouse’s support system.


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