Tesla's FSD v12.4 update corrects sunglasses loophole

Tesla‘s Full Self-Driving (FSD) v12.4 update brings notable advancements in driver monitoring and safety. Not only does it remove the steering wheel nag, but it also enhances the driver monitoring system by using a cabin camera to assess driver attentiveness more accurately. This upgrade addresses the “sunglasses loophole,” as the camera now requires an unobstructed view of the driver’s eyes, meaning no sunglasses or low-brim hats are allowed. If the camera’s view is obstructed, Tesla’s system reverts to a combination of torque and vision-based monitoring.

Privacy concerns are mitigated by ensuring that cabin camera images are not saved or transmitted unless the user opts into data sharing. Additionally, Elon Musk claims that this update will significantly reduce the need for driver interventions, although specific data supporting this claim has not been released yet.

Tesla FSD v12.4 update Availability

The v12.4 update started rolling out to Tesla’s internal fleet over the weekend and is expected to reach a wider audience soon. This move marks a significant step towards enhancing driver safety and advancing the company’s goal of achieving full autonomy.


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