XPeng G6 580 Plus A budget-friendly SUV Launched

XPeng just released a new version of its famous G6 SUV with a very low price tag. It’s called the G6 580 Plus and is meant to make the G6 more accessible without lowering the quality of the experience.

Because of the savings, the new 580 Plus doesn’t have as many comfort features as its brothers. Less comfortable seats and fewer speakers are some of the downsides.

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XPeng G6 580 Plus Features

According to CNEVPOST, The new Plus model has the same lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery pack with a CLTC range of 360 miles, so speed has not changed.

The G6 has made a big difference in XPeng’s business. When it came out in the middle of 2023, the G6 helped the company get back on its feet by drawing buyers with its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and useful SUV shape. However, more competition in the fiercely competitive electric car market has recently hurt the G6’s sales. XPeng thinks that the new G6 580 Plus can change that.

XPeng G6 580 Plus A budget-friendly SUV Launched

XPeng G6 580 Plus Price

The XPeng G6 580 Plus usually costs RMB 199,900, which is about $27,600. But for a short time, buyers could get a brand-new G6 580 Plus for just RMB 179,900, which is about $24,800.

The new Plus model joins five other G6 models already on the market. Prices start at RMB 199,900 and go up to RMB 276,900, which is about $27,600 and $38,300, respectively, before any savings are applied.


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