Check out XPeng Mona M03 official image

XPeng, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has released the first official image and name for its highly anticipated new model, the XPeng Mona M03. This compact electric sedan is the first in XPeng’s new Mona series, which was developed in collaboration with ride-hailing giant Didi Global.

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XPeng Mona M03 Features

The Mona M03 (Mona stands for “Made Of New AI”) features a sleek fastback design with T-shaped headlights and taillights. Although it doesn’t feature the LiDAR sensor on the roof, the vehicle is expected to come equipped with XPeng’s advanced Fuyao architecture, incorporating XNGP (XPeng Navigation Guided Pilot) and X-EEA3.0 electronic/electrical architecture. These features strongly focus on intelligent driving capabilities, a key selling point in the EV landscape.

The M03 is expected to be powered by BYD batteries with a range of over 311 miles on a single charge. The M03’s impressive range and low price point may make it an appealing option for budget-conscious consumers looking for a practical and efficient electric vehicle.

XPeng had originally planned to launch Mona as a sub-brand, but has since clarified that it will be a new series under the XPeng brand. This decision could streamline the company’s marketing efforts and capitalize on XPeng’s existing brand recognition in the electric car market.

Check out XPeng Mona M03 official image

According to Weibo. XPeng’s collaboration with Didi on the Mona series is a fascinating development. Didi, which has extensive experience in the mobility sector, will contribute to the project’s design, R&D, and sales aspects. XPeng, on the other hand, will concentrate on R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, and direct sales to individual customers. This collaboration could result in a synergy that combines Didi’s market insights with XPeng’s technical expertise, potentially leading to a vehicle that appeals to a larger audience.

XPeng Mona M03 Price and Availability

With an estimated starting price of less than RMB 200,000 ($27,600), the M03 has the potential to be a major disruptor in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market. The initial sales strategy for the M03 will be a “store-in-store” concept, with dedicated sections within existing XPeng stores. This strategy could help the company expand its customer base and capitalize on the growing demand for electric vehicles.


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