XPeng P7i Wing Edition Launched In China

The new XPeng P7i is called the P7i Wing Edition, which is similar to the P7 Wing Edition that the company made for its earlier model. The new Wing Edition mostly changes the way the car looks and adds a few new features inside.

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XPeng P7i Wing Edition Specs

The new P7i Wing Edition is based on the P7i 702 Max model. The P7i 702 Max has an 86.2 kWh battery that gives it a range of 436 miles and an electric motor with 276 hp and 440 Nm of peak power. CLTC says that, and it tends to be more positive with its predictions.

XPeng P7i Wing Edition Launched In China

In every way, the P7i Wing Edition looks the same as the regular P7i, except for the sliding doors. The Wing Edition gets two new paint jobs: Starry Purple and Starry Blue. It also gets 19-inch black wheels to go with those colors.

Also, most of the inside has not been touched. Red will soon be a choice as well, so you can choose between gray and red. The seats are made of Nappa leather, and the front ones have vents. The steering wheel is heated as well. There is also a dual 50-watt air-cooled wireless charger and a 257-color ambient light system.

XPeng P7i Wing Edition Launched In China

The newest MediaTek 5.0 system should be sent to the car through an over-the-air (OTA) update sometime in April or May.

XPeng P7i Wing Edition price

A pre-order page for the car can be found on XPeng’s website in China, but we may not see it anywhere else.


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