Nissan Ariya Nismo

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, Nissan unveiled the Nissan Ariya Nismo. The crossover SUV, which is Nissan‘s most potent electric vehicle to date, will be available for purchase this spring.

When compared to their “civilian” equivalents, the electric motors’ output has increased by 10%. A more thrilling ride is promised when this is coupled with the exclusive Nismo driving mode and special acceleration tuning.

According to some reports, the additional exterior panels improve the Nissan Ariya Nismo’s aerodynamic performance. Though we have doubts about the magnitude of the effect, we will accept Nissan’s assessment.

Seats branded with Nismo, red accents on the dashboard and center console, red contrast stitching, and a small Nismo logo on the dashboard are all ways that Nismo jazzed up the cabin.

Nissan Ariya Nismo Specs

Nissan offers two variants of the Ariya Nismo in Japan, which is quite interesting. On the standard Nismo B6 e-4ORCE, a 66 kWh battery pack powers two electric motors that generate 362 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque. Even with the same 66 kWh battery pack, that’s nearly 30 hp more than the standard Ariya e-4ORCE.

Nissan Ariya Nismo unveils with 429 hp

Among these, the Nismo B9 e-4ORCE stands out with its 429 hp and 442 lb-ft torque, as well as its 91 kWh battery. Curiously, the torque figure has stayed the same, but the horsepower has increased by 40 compared to the already quick non-Nismo Ariya using the same battery pack.


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