XPeng X9 MPV officially unveiled, Price & Specs

XPeng of Guangzhou has unveiled a brand-new product, the XPeng X9 MPV. Designed with families in mind, it boasts a roomy cabin, cutting-edge safety features, and autonomous driving capabilities.

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XPeng X9 MPV Price

XPeng has reduced the price of the X9 from its pre-sale price of RMB 388,000 ($54,500) to a starting price of RMB 359,800 ($50,400). This strategy, which is commonly employed by Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, aims to generate the impression of surpassing expectations. Even before the launch event ended, the X9 had received over 5,000 firm orders, and deliveries are set to begin later this month.

XPeng X9 MPV officially unveiled, Price & Specs

XPeng X9 MPV Specs

Both of the X9’s Pro variants are available with a single motor and have different CLTC ranges: 379 miles and 436 miles, respectively. Also available in Max form are single-motor and dual-motor four-wheel-drive models, with the former offering a CLTC range of 436 miles and the latter 398 miles. While the Pro version is restricted to highway NGP capability and assisted parking, the Max version comes with two LiDARs, allowing the use of the XNGP full-scenario assisted driving feature.

The SEPA 2.0 architecture, which includes an 800V high-voltage platform and flexible scalability, is the foundation of the X9.

The X9 sports a long wheelbase of 3,160 mm and measures 5,293 mm in length, 1,988 mm in width, and 1,785 mm in height, giving it the appearance of a large MPV. Xpeng boasts that the X9’s rear-wheel steering allows it a class-smallest turning diameter of 10.8 meters, making it surprisingly agile despite its size.


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