Geely Auto Galaxy E8 officially introduced in China

The release of the Galaxy E8 by Geely Auto Group is just one more way the company is trying to hasten the switch from gas-powered to electric vehicles. With its affordable price tag and powerful electric capabilities, this sedan is sure to spark fierce competition in China’s electric vehicle market.

Geely Holding Group’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) was officially introduced in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, with the unveiling of the Galaxy E8, the first Geely-branded vehicle. As the third Galaxy product, it intends to revolutionize the electric vehicle market by providing buyers with intelligent features, robust performance, safety features, and an aesthetically pleasing oriental design. It promotes itself as a premium all-electric flagship vehicle.

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Geely Auto Galaxy E8 Price

The Galaxy E8’s starting price of RMB 175,800 ($24,600) is one of its most appealing features; it’s 12,200 less than its initial price when pre-sales started on December 16. By offering such low prices, Geely Auto hopes to attract customers from all walks of life.

Aiming to meet the increasing demand for plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles, Geely Auto launched the Galaxy brand in 2023. The business intends to release seven different Galaxy models by 2025. The L-series will consist of four plug-in hybrids, and the E-series will consist of three all-electric vehicles.

The mainstream electric vehicle market was severely lacking in high-value, widely-used models until the Galaxy E8 arrived, and Geely Auto is hell-bent on changing that. CEO Jerry Gan emphasized the lack of a fully electric alternative in China’s B-segment sedan market during the launch event and noted that combustion-engine models from foreign brands continued to dominate the market.

Geely Auto Galaxy E8 officially introduced in China

Geely Auto Galaxy E8  Details

With dimensions of 5,010 mm in length, 1,920 mm in width, and 1,465 mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2,925 mm, the Galaxy E8 is a mid-to-large-size electric sedan according to the specs. The model is priced between RMB 175,800 and RMB 228,800 ($24,600 and $32,200) across five different trim levels. In a market where the majority of electric sedans of this size are priced around RMB 300,000 ($42,200), these affordable options stand out.

The most expensive Galaxy E8 model has an 800 V high-voltage platform and can go an impressive 112 miles on a single charge, all in just five minutes. It can go from zero to sixty-two miles per hour in just 3.49 seconds thanks to its high-performance silicon carbide electric drive system, which uses two motors with a combined 475 kW of power. Other Galaxy E8 variants that make use of the well-liked 400 V platform guarantee even lower prices.

The 45-inch, 8K-resolution onboard screen for the Galaxy E8 is the most potent in the Chinese EV market. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip powers the cockpit inside.

Geely Auto Galaxy E8 officially introduced in China

The Galaxy E8 is available with three different battery packs, each with a different range: 342 miles, 385 miles, and 413 miles. The battery packs are 62 kWh, 75.6 kWh, and 76 kWh. A remarkable drag coefficient as low as Cd 0.199, which enhanced the vehicle’s overall efficiency, is the result of Geely Auto’s extensive testing.

Geely Auto is offering a discount of RMB 6,000 ($850), free upgrades worth RMB 6,000, and a trade-in bump of RMB 8,000 to customers who order the Galaxy E8 before January 31. This is done to encourage early adoption. Yu Minhong, founder of private educational service provider New Oriental Education, is one of the first proud owners of the Galaxy E8, and deliveries of the phone have already begun.


  • Geely has joined Nio’s EV Battery Swap Partnership.
  • Photos of the Geely Galaxy E8 electric sedan have surfaced.

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