Hidden Smart HY11 Found in China

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Hidden Smart HY11 Found in China

Someone caught a glimpse of one of the prototype Smart HY11s out and about. The Smart HY11’s stealthy design has people wondering if Smart’s latest vehicle is their first MPV or their third crossover. Expect its unveiling at the Beijing Auto Show, so we should have an answer to that question soon.

Heavy camouflage doesn’t hide the fact that it has a big, stocky build and prominent wheel arches. The new Smart model appears to be forging its path, with headlights that don’t resemble its smaller siblings and taillights that aren’t linked by a light bar.

Hidden Smart HY11 Found in China

The same logic applies to the few interior shots captured by the same photographer who got the lucky shots. The instrument cluster is smaller and positioned behind the cover that houses the two larger screens, while there are two large screens in total. The dashboard has a sharp, angular design, and the vehicle’s head-up display and shifter are visible.

Hidden Smart HY11 Found in China

Smart HY11 Features

The Smart HY11 will feature the most recent Smart Pilot Assist 3.0 ADAS and is constructed on the same 800V SEA platform as other Smart and Volvo vehicles. This information is derived from technical sources. Unlike Smart #1 and #3, which come with the McPherson setup, the HY11 has a double-wishbone front suspension, which is an interesting bit. Indeed, there are more questions than answers presented by these images.

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