Inside the Tesla Cybertruck, a First-Ever Look

With its controversial exterior design and high-profile unveilings, Tesla Cybertruck has garnered attention. However, its interior remains secret. A 56-second video clip has revealed its contents in detail.

Most of us have seen the Cybertruck charging, towing, and resting after a mishap, but the inside has been a mystery.

Not your typical Tesla insider video. Possibly a naughty transport worker? Or an opportunist who found an unlocked treasure? Whatever the case, this isn’t a regular authorized walkthrough.

The backup camera shows rear and side views at first. Many vehicles today have a full 360-degree camera, but this one does not. After engaging the map, the video shows a seamless interface response, indicating the vehicle’s location: a car auction lot near Columbus, Ohio. A strange choice for a high-profile, unreleased vehicle, right? Especially “service required” notifications.

This latest peek shows that Tesla’s user interface is consistent across its range. Map on right, vehicle data on left. The Cybertruck’s new blurred separation is a departure from the traditional separation.

Parked, the truck’s digital rendering is generic. It depicts a simple landscape. A new colorful ambient lighting strip, similar to the updated Model 3 and Chinese Model Y, is visible behind the display.

Battery enthusiasts may question the 84% battery indicator without a range display. Despite the videographer’s efforts, the truck remained silent. Add a “swipe to change gears” prompt like the latest Teslas. For detail-oriented people, the backup camera’s hexagonal design almost matches the cupholders’ octagonal motif. Almost.

The truck’s center console has a tray between the front seats, reminiscent of the Model S. This tray in the video has wires and an unreadable document. The center console has octagonal “cyber cupholders” instead of the rounded ones from earlier this year. Before these cupholders are two wireless phone charging spots for convenience.



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