Three flagship colors of the Renault 5

The teaser advertising for the new Renault 5 EV continues. So far, we’ve seen a prototype at Roland Garros, design information, cost, battery capacity, and a teaser film.

Today is all about colors. Renault has announced the three “flagship colors” for its forthcoming vehicle. The term “flagship” implies that there may be additional paint jobs available, but Renault will concentrate its marketing efforts on these three.

And looking at them, we can see why: they’re all striking and will create an impression, whether in press materials, on Renault’s websites, or the road whenever it reaches the streets.

Renault 5 flagship colors

The Renault 5 is expected to be available this year, including a 134 hp / 100 kW front-mounted motor and a 52 kWh battery with a WLTP range of up to 249 miles. It will also be available with a 40 kWh battery at some time in the future (probably next year).

Renault has previously stated that the 5 will start at roughly $26,800. However, it is unclear if this price will increase before release, which is not uncommon in the EV market.



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