Volkswagen adds ChatGPT to IDA voice assistant

Volkswagen has announced the integration of ChatGPT to its next-generation infotainment system. This cutting-edge artificial intelligence is now available throughout the whole electric ID line, as well as in the most recent Golf, Tiguan, and Passat models.

ChatGPT will be incorporated into the backend of Volkswagen’s IDA voice assistant, allowing drivers to engage in natural language conversations and transform their vehicles into intelligent companions. Drivers are guaranteed quick access to information on tourist spots, sports trivia, and even help with tough arithmetic problems, all while maintaining their eyes on the road. We all do complicated math problems while driving.

Volkswagen’s Board Member for Development, Kai Grunitz, enthusiastically emphasizes the company’s commitment to make innovative technology available to a broad audience. Volkswagen is giving drivers access to AI capabilities that were previously reserved for tech aficionados by incorporating ChatGPT into their vehicles.

The system now supports five languages: English (US and UK), Spanish, Czech, and German. This multilingual capacity is made possible by a collaboration with Cerence Inc., a renowned automotive AI solutions supplier.

Volkswagen’s IDA voice assistant already gives drivers control over the entertainment, navigation, and temperature systems. However, the advent of ChatGPT promises to significantly expand IDA’s capabilities. Drivers may now ask complicated questions, engage in discussions, and receive accurate replies thanks to ChatGPT’s knowledge and language processing capabilities.

Existing VW Connect and VW Connect Plus users do not require extra access or applications. Simply saying “Hello, IDA” or pressing the steering wheel button engages the help. Volkswagen protects data privacy by anonymizing and instantly deleting inquiries sent to ChatGPT. This prohibits the AI from obtaining crucial car data while maintaining user anonymity.


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