Android Auto 12.1 update is now available

Google has rolled out the new Android Auto 12.1 stable update, which is now available to everyone. Although the company does not release a changelog with these updates, they are known to address user-reported issues and optimize performance. The updates, released roughly every two weeks, often include new features, bug fixes, and system improvements.

Key Points:

  1. Update Frequency: New Android Auto updates are released approximately every fortnight.
  2. Bug Fixes and Improvements: These updates typically resolve issues and enhance the system, although specific details are not provided.
  3. New Features in Development:
    • Video Apps: Google is working on allowing video apps on Android Auto, enabling users to watch YouTube in their cars, similar to Android Automotive when parked.
    • Big Screen Apps: Applications designed for larger screens will also be supported on Android Auto.
  4. Beta Phase: The new features are currently in the beta phase and will take time before they are available to everyone.
  5. Recommendation: It is advisable to install the latest Android Auto updates to keep up with new features and improvements.

For those who are not beta testers, the latest release can be downloaded using the provided link. This ensures that users stay updated with the newest changes and enhancements Google is implementing.

Download Android Auto 12.1 stable update

Google is rolling out the update via the Play Store. Download the APK file here and side-load the app, but only on your Android phone running Android 8.0 or newer. According to a few reports, the app crashed twice after that installation but it never happened again.


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